Technology and Church Growth

There is a continuous rise in the demand and usefulness of technology and the Church should not be left out of this trend. The topic “Technology and Church Growth” will be a series that encompasses a lot of different aspects. This article is a short introduction on what to expect in this series. We will begin with an overview of why churches need technology as churches in Africa are yet to embrace technology fully.

Is technology good for the church? Yes of course. We will also highlight some technology tools that growing churches need and in the next few articles we will go into details of these tools and their benefits to the church.

Why Churches Need Technology

There are so many advantages of using technology in the church as there is a direct link between technology and church growth. Below are a few of these advantages.

  • Enable members and non-members connect with the Church online.
  • Improve First-Timer Retention with an automated follow up process.
  • Connect with a larger audience globally.
  • Improve finances with online giving.
  • Effective management and overall administration.
  • Membership management.

Technology Tools for Growing Churches

Technology tools in this context are software used to support and carry out church daily functions. We will be focusing on tools that will position your church for growth.

These tools make it easier for churches to reach out to their audience and also effectively and efficiently manage church day to day activities.
Some of the tools for growing churches include but are not limited to:

  • Church management software.
  • Church Website.
  • Google drive.
  • Easy worship.
  • Obs studio.
  • Adobe products
    I. Audition.
    II. Premiere pro.
    III. After effect.
    IV. Photoshop.
  • Corel draw.
  • Microsoft office.

In the next series of articles we will be discussing each of these tools, what they are, what they can do for the church and resources to help with acquiring and using them.

To read more on previous posts about technology and the church please click here and to view our church management software you can visit. Are there other tools you think should be added to this list? You can comment below, let us know what you think.

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