Technology and Church Growth with Caleb Leo

In the first series of technology and church growth, we had an in-depth introduction that highlighted reasons churches do not adequately leverage technology and why churches need technology. We also noted important technology for churches and will be introducing one of these technologies known as Churchplus, a church management software today.

ChurchPlus is a web-based church management software that offers church leaders, pastors and church administrators technology tools to improve administration and ensure effectiveness and efficiency. It enables the Church to manage its entire data operations including people management, financial reporting, internal communication and performance measurement across all church activities.

Some of the features of ChurchPlus include:

  1. Automated Follow up process.
  2. First Timer tracking system.
  3. Communication with members using SMS and Email.
  4. Membership Database.
  5. Church accounting solution for finances tracking and management.
  6. An extensive reporting system for analysis.
  7. Church Events Management.
  8. Automated birthday and celebration messages.
  9. Payment gateway integration.

While it benefits includes:

  1. Builds a happier relationship between the church and the members.
  2. Improves First Timer retention.
  3. 99.9% delivery rate on all sent SMS including DND numbers.
  4. Accessibility and integrity of all church data.
  5. Accessible on every internet-enabled device.
  6. Church Events Management.
  7. It is convenient and easy to use solution.

To get started on ChurchPlus today, click here. For a previous video blog on technology for the church visit here.

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